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Mental and Physical Effects of Fire or Water Damage: How the Right Restoration Company Can Help

Losing your home to flood or fire is a traumatic event. In fact, you don’t even have to experience total property loss to experience the negative physical and emotional effects of a natural disaster.

Your home is your safe haven, and when that space is threatened, it can disturb your sense of well-being. You’ll want to get back to normalcy as soon as possible, so choosing the right restoration company is important.

Mental Health Effects

People who experience water or fire damage to their homes suddenly realize that everything can change in a moment. Immediately following a flood or fire, people may experience panic attacks, confusion, or a sense of insecurity. Other mental health effects include:

●      Depression

●      Anxiety

●      Tension

●      Relationship Turmoil

The long-term effects of surviving a natural disaster can lead to more serious mental health conditions like post-traumatic stress disorder. The severity of the loss doesn’t necessarily predict how someone will feel following their experience, but getting mental health treatment can help you cope with your loss.

Physical Effects

A fire produces smoke, chemicals, and soot. When a fire occurs inside your home, it absorbs these elements and can bring you physical harm. Inhaling smoke can cause damage to your lungs and respiratory system. The acidity of soot can linger inside your home and affect the air quality you breathe.

While water damage doesn’t produce as many visible signs of harmful elements, they still accumulate. Especially if you don’t choose a proper restoration service. Long-term water damage caused by improper clean-up can lead to toxic conditions and damage your home’s structural integrity. Improperly restored water damage can cause:

●      Mold & Mildew

●      Electrical Issues

●      Bacterial Growth

●      Foul Odors

Improper restorative tactics can mean you don’t even see the residual effects until the damage is accumulated. By this point, you will not only incur greater costs in trying to fix your home, but also may be suffering from health consequences. Besides the obvious issues of problematic health, these too can become costly to combat.

Choosing a Professional Restoration Company

Even if your home experienced water or fire damage that didn’t result in a total loss, you should still strongly consider hiring professional restoration services. Unlike the average homeowner, professionals experience these situations daily. They know the hidden dangers and hard-to-access areas and have the right tools for each job.

Choosing the right water or fire restoration company will help you get back to normalcy sooner and move past the traumatic event. They’ll solve the issue at the root of the problem and help ensure that your home and health are protected.