How Long Does Fire Damage Repair Usually Last?

Fire is the most dangerous of all-natural disasters, and that’s not just because of its damaging effects on homes and businesses but also because of its long-lasting effects on health and overall well-being. Fire damage to your home, whether from a weather-related issue or an accident, can be devastating. The amount of damage depends on … Read more

Mental and Physical Effects of Fire or Water Damage: How the Right Restoration Company Can Help

Restoration Company

Losing your home to flood or fire is a traumatic event. In fact, you don’t even have to experience total property loss to experience the negative physical and emotional effects of a natural disaster. Your home is your safe haven, and when that space is threatened, it can disturb your sense of well-being. You’ll want … Read more

What to Do in the Event of Fire Damage

If you’ve got any kind of fire damage in your home, you know what a frustrating experience it can be. Whether your home experienced the majority of damage from the fire itself or from the efforts of the fire department, it can be easy to get discouraged. The pros at J & R Restoration can … Read more

Property Restoration – Disaster recovery guide

Hello!! And welcome to J & R Restoration Blog. Created with the purpose to offer South Florida residents with information, tips, and advice regarding property damage restoration. Sometimes knowing how to prepare for an accident can minimize property damage and save your families life. This blog will help property owners understand the conditions surrounding disasters … Read more