pipe leaks

Pipe Leaks and Other Hidden Leaks You Can Identify in Your Home

Every year 900 billion gallons of water are leaked from household sources. This indicates pipe leaks are pretty common. Unfortunately, not all leaks are easy to spot or come from obvious sources, and you don’t want to wait to find one. 

The truth is household leaks can be inconspicuous and stay undetected for a long time. Not only will leaks result in higher utility costs, but they can also cause significant damage to your home. Here are some common household leaks to look out for.

Common Areas with Piping

Not every room in your home has a water feature, but there are some common rooms where leaks are likelier. Places like the kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry have water piping. Long-term wear and tear can result in leaks in these areas.

Inspect the pipes in each area of your home where you commonly use water. Over time corrosion can break down the metal piping. Furthermore, clogged, corroded pipes are easier to burst. While inspecting these water sources, look for the following:

●      Evidence of corrosion

●      Valve connections

●      Adequate drain capacity

Spotting a pipe that may lose its function will be much more cost-effective than waiting until a leak has occurred. Once you have a leak, you will not only need to fix the pipe, but you will also have to deal with the potential damages front he leaking water.

Appliances that Use Water

Many refrigerators dispense water and make ice cubes. This function requires a water line to work. The unfortunate aspect of these features is that the line is small and easily damaged. You could be leaking water behind your appliance and not even know it. Dishwashers and laundry appliances run the same risks.

Water heaters and septic tanks are two big contenders in the area of appliances that can cause water leaks. Inspect these sources for external signs of rust or damage. Internal leaks may be harder to spot, but you can still see symptoms such as water pooling underneath or sounds of running water coming from within.

Outside Sources of Water

Sometimes you can experience a leak and be completely unaware until the spiked utility bill comes in the mail. In that case, the source could be coming from outside your home. In addition to wasted water, outside sources of leaks can erode your home’s foundation. Needless to say, this can be catastrophic. Outdoor areas to watch for include:

●      External spigots

●      Sprinkler or irrigation systems

●      Main water line

Catching a leak before it arises is easier than repairing damage after it’s done. If you run into a leak that has caused water damage, you can call on the professionals at J&R Restoration to help you with the restoration process.