What Are the Benefits of Remodeling  Your Home During Winter?

Remodeling your home in the winter season can be a great idea, especially in Florida. While the rest of the country is contending with snow and icy roads, those living in the sunshine state can take advantage of the mild temperatures and ample sunshine to tackle some of their biggest remodeling projects.

Not only will you benefit from working outdoors in comfortable temperatures, but there are other advantages to remodeling in the winter. Here are three surprising benefits to consider before you decide whether winter is the right time for a renovation.

Avoiding Hurricane Season

Whereas it might appear that working during the wintertime in Florida is just an overall pleasant experience (with moderate temperatures and the avoidance of the summer heat and humidity), it is actually much more than that. 

The months of July to November are hurricane season, a time when everyone must be vigilant of teh weather. Not only does this mean being cognizant of hurricanes and all the potential destruction that they bring, but also the storms that can develop very quickly throughout the season, creating hazardous conditions for workers and building projects alike.

Readily Available Contractors

When it comes to remodeling your home during the winter months, one of the biggest advantages is the availability of contractors. Contractors often have more availability with cold temperatures in other parts of the country and fewer homeowners tackling renovation projects. This means you are more likely to be able to schedule the contractor of your choice and not worry about being put on a waiting list.

Plus, because fewer projects are underway, many contractors offer competitive rates and discounts to those who take on a project during winter. And if you find the right contractor you’d like to use again in the future, they may even be willing to work out a long-term deal with you so that you can save even more money.

Store Sale Deals and Less Competition for Supplies

Many stores have discounts for Black Friday and Christmas, so you can save money by shopping during these times. Plus, if you are looking for materials for your remodel, you can often find better deals from suppliers trying to get rid of their inventory. 

By shopping around and taking advantage of seasonal sales, you can get the materials and supplies you need to complete your home improvement project without breaking the bank. Remodeling projects require materials like paint, lumber, and flooring that can be hard to find in the summer when demand is high. Winter is a much better time to shop for these items as you’ll have less competition from other buyers.

Expedited Permits

And while this advantage is not exclusive to the wintertime, it is nonetheless worth mentioning. Florida law stipulates that local administration officials allow for an online permitting process, which makes obtaining a permit simpler. Furthermore, there are hard deadlines that local governments have to meet within the application process (within 30 days of the application, unless the applicant agrees to a later date or a local ordinance has differing deadline policies). Failure to do so will result in a fine. This ensures that permits in Florida do not become a long, drawn-out process, as governments are held accountable. 

Having laws in place that make permitting easier make Florida an ideal place to build, and when combined with ideal weather in wintertime make it the perfect  time to consider your home remodeling project.