Storm Damage

Storm Damage: Preparing Your Home For Storm Season 2022

Storm damage can often be prevented if you take a few precautions before the skies turn dark. If you want to protect your home from storm damage during the 2022 storm season, there are a few easy steps you can take. It is best to work from the outside of your property to the inside, shoring things up as you go. You will want to begin by surveying your home, yard, and garage.

High Winds Cause Flying Debris

Take the time now, before a severe thunderstorm hits, to put away anything that could be lifted up by high winds. Anything that isn’t tied up or nailed down could become flying debris and damage your home. Bring inside all of your container plants, yard lights, and the rest of your outdoor decor. Larger items that cannot be brought inside should be secured into place.

Preventing Flood and Storm Damage to Your Home

To prevent storm and flood damage to your home during storm season, begin by checking for leaks from roof to basement. If you have any existing loose shingles or leaks it’s best to do a home restoration now, before a severe thunderstorm worsens the problem. You will also want to clean out your gutters and remove any obstructions. The goal here is to make sure that water has an easy way to drain away from your house. Once you know you have good drainage, check the weatherproofing on your windows. In the event of a hurricane or high winds, this could include boarding up your windows to prevent broken glass or securing your storm shutters.

How to Handle Storm Damage Insurance Claims

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, storm damage may still occur. It is helpful to review your insurance policy in advance of any major severe storm. Make sure you understand what it does or does not cover and have your agent make changes if you need to.

Next, walk around the inside and outside of your house one more time. Take photos as you go. These photos can serve as proof of what you have in the house if you ever need to make an insurance claim as a result of a severe storm. Be sure to photograph any valuables you might not be able to pick up and take with you if you had to evacuate. When you’ve finished, put a copy of your insurance policy and your agent’s contact information into a folder and keep it with your emergency supplies.

Preparing for Power Outages in a Severe Storm

If power lines go down, you will want to be prepared. If you have a generator and a sump pump, be sure to get them ready and run them for a few minutes before the storm hits. You don’t want your generator stuck out in your garage somewhere under a bunch of boxes at night when the power goes out. You can also fill zip-top bags with water and place them in your freezer to create ice packs. These will help you keep your food cold if the power goes out and be a backup source of drinking water.

Pull together your lanterns, batteries, flashlights, and a weather radio. Keep these in a weatherproof container along with at least three days of emergency food.

If you follow these best practices, you will be well prepared to weather the 2022 storm season. If storm damage does occur, J&R Restoration is equipped to handle 24/7 emergency calls for service. We can restore your home in the event of both flood and water damage, or in the case of fire damage.

If your roof is damaged in a severe storm and you need an immediate solution, we can protect your property by installing a roof tarp over the damaged area while you process your insurance claim. Give us a call at (561) 674-2332 or schedule an appointment for a free visual inspection of the damage