toilet breaks

When Your Toilet Breaks: 5 Essential Things To Do Before You Call Us

When your toilet breaks, you will probably be in panic mode. Toilet clogs can happen for any number of reasons. As a homeowner or renter, you aren’t expected to know all the reasons. That’s why you’d call a plumber, after all. However, before you call in the experts, you can do a few things yourself that could fix your problem. You might even save the money you’d spend calling a professional plumber. Here are a few things to do when your toilet breaks that might save you the hassle and expense of calling a plumber.

1.  Let It Rest

In the event your toilet breaks, don’t panic. If you have a spare toilet, let that one sit for a bit and then recheck it. Sometimes, letting it rest for a few hours might allow whatever blockage is in there to clear on its own. If the clog is just toilet paper, it might clear without even needing a plumber to be present. If it does, you managed to save yourself a visit from a plumber.

2. Use a Metal Coat Hanger

This one will force you to get up close and personal with your toilet, but it’s a quick fix. Unbending a metal coat hanger allows you to get a little way into the pipe and grab or clear blockage. Make a small hook at one end, then go in and see if you can grab or push any blocking material. If you encounter solid resistance, it’s best you leave it alone.

3. Flush It

This is one option that could be dangerous but worth trying if your toilet breaks. Flush the toilet, and see if anything happens. If the water in the bowl starts rising too high, close the flapper at the bottom of the toilet tank. This will stop excess water from coming in and flooding the entire bathroom.

4. Check Your Water Flow

The jets in older toilets or those in mineral-rich areas may become clogged with calcium deposits or just through use. Clearing the jets using an allen wrench or checking the main jet near the base of the toilet (not all toilets have these) and removing it may help solve your problem.

5. Use Plungers

The good, old-fashioned plunger might also be an option you could explore. Plungers can help unstick clogs through pressure. Using them to pump at the toilet will allow for extreme pressures to build up and potentially dislodge the clog.