How Long Does Fire Damage Repair Usually Last?

Fire is the most dangerous of all-natural disasters, and that’s not just because of its damaging effects on homes and businesses but also because of its long-lasting effects on health and overall well-being.

Fire damage to your home, whether from a weather-related issue or an accident, can be devastating. The amount of damage depends on several factors, such as how much combustible material the fire burned through, how long it burned for and how soon you put it out after it started.

Types of Fire Damages

Fire damage can be classified into three types: flame damage, smoke damage, and substance damage caused by extinguishing the fire.

Flame damage is most commonly what people imagine when they hear the word fire. This is caused by high heat, which can melt and warp both glass and plastic windows. Smoke damage, on the other hand, occurs when a fire is smothered before it can spread to external walls. This allows smoke to permeate between panes of glass or plastic windows.

Like flame damage, smoke damage also tends to be localized to windows affected by the fire. Finally, substance damage is caused by methods used in extinguishing fires. The water used for putting out blazes can get trapped in low points of homes and cause moisture buildup if not dried quickly enough – a problem that leads to warping and discoloration over time, with a high possibility of mold growth as well.

The Restoration Process

The length of a fire restoration process is contingent upon the level of wreckage involved; it may take just a week if the extent of damage isn’t severe, but it may take much longer if more of your home is heavily impacted.

A restoration project involves cleaning, restoring structural damage, and sometimes rebuilding. Ultimately, the project’s scope determines how much time it will take to complete. Certain factors ultimately determine how long it will take to restore your home, even with the right restoration company.

These factors include:

  • To what extent the fire caused damage in the affected area.
  • The condition of the foundation and support structures of the building.
  • Just how much water damage occurred due to the efforts of the firefighters.
  • Sore throats
  • The level of smoke damage.

A responsible restoration company will do everything thoroughly, starting with an inspection of the premises. Once that is complete, they will explain everything that needs to be done in detail, at which point they will also have a better idea as to the time it will take to restore your home. At that point, work can begin, and they will keep you involved every step of the way.