Does Renter’s Insurance Cover Water Damage?

water damage

Water damage is a little bit of a mixed bag when it comes to insurance policies. Ultimately, it depends on the policy. However, the most common rental insurance policies only offer limited coverage for accidental water damage. Let’s take a closer look at what that means. What is Renter’s Insurance?    Renter’s insurance provides some … Read more

How to Prevent Pipe Leaks in Your Home

pipe leaks

It’s common to see minor pipe leaks from time to time. But sometimes, a small leak may often raise many health and safety red flags. A leaking pipe may indicate underlying issues in your overall plumbing systems, from expensive structural damage to hazardous mildew growth. But, what causes pipe leaks? What are the best ways … Read more

Have You Come Home to a Water Leak?

Whether you”ve got a water leak in the pipes behind the shower, in the pipes underneath your kitchen sink, or elsewhere in your house, if not taken care of promptly, it could become a major problem. Maybe you”ve left for a family vacation only to come home to your worst nightmare- a major water leak … Read more