5 Tips for Redecorating After Flood Damage

Flood damage—if you haven”t experienced it before, you probably dread it, and if you have, you know how serious it can be. Palm Beach and Broward Counties are both prime candidates for flood damage. Luckily for you, J & R Restoration can help. Whether your home has suffered from water damage, fire damage, or excessive mold, we”ve got the know-how to provide you with flood damage restoration. Although flood damage in your home can sound like a massive pain in the neck, there”s another way to look at it; turn the situation around and use it as a chance to redecorate. Here are a few tips:

  • J & R Restoration can help clean up flood damage and more.· If you were tired of the beige walls before, now is the time to change things up. Paint your walls blue or green for a calming feeling that will make it easy to relax.
  • Wanted to try a new trend, but couldn”t quite commit before? Now”s the time to give it a shot. Alternatively, if there”s something you disliked about your room before, it”s a great time to change things up.
  • Nearly everyone has a collection of some sort. Usually, your prized possessions are stored in a closet or in the guest room. Make the room your own by putting your collection in plain sight.
  • If you had carpets before, consider adding hardwood or laminate flooring. It will up the resell value should you choose to sell later, and you can keep things cozy with rugs.
  • Take advantage of your flood damage remodel and rearrange your art. Try a gallery wall, hang a few pictures of your family, or try your hand at painting something yourself.

Praesent vel augue eleifend metus sodales malesuada sed ut dolor. Integer mollis lectus sit amet posuere condimentum. Instead of letting flood damage ruin your home, the pros at J &R Restoration can help. Take control of the situation and use it to your advantage to make your house feel more like home. Contact us today for prompt, friendly flood damage restoration service.